Project Description

Love Worth Fighting For

Ackermann PR was asked by non-profit organization Feed Your Faith to promote its Love Worth Fighting For marriage event hosted by well-known actor Kirk Cameron and singer/songwriter Warren Barfield

For the past four years, the Love Worth Fighting For event presented by Feed Your Faith has been touring around the country, with the goal to help people in all stages of life – from teenage teenagers, and single adults to newly married couples and longtime spouses. The event is designed to strengthen and encourage marriages by focusing on all areas of personal and spiritual relationships.

During 2013, the Love Worth Fighting For tour made 30 stops around the country. Ackermann PR was asked to not only market and promote each of these stops but also implement a year-long media relations strategy designed to increase awareness and ticket sales for the nonprofit. This media relations campaign included the planning, execution and evaluation of the following elements: identifying key media outlets and contacts, communicating with both local and national media, setting up media interviews for Kirk Cameron and garnering media coverage for each stop of the tour stops, and managing all digital media for the tour (Twitter, Facebook, etc.).

As the foundation for any public relations endeavor, research guided Ackermann PR to develop a media/promotional strategy and plan for the Love Worth Fighting For conference. The first step for the campaign included a discovery session with the client. Through this collaboration, Ackermann resolved questions in regards to the objective of the campaign, understanding of the challenges, past successes and failures, and overall objectives of the outreach.

Once the solid background was established, we investigated the target audience and determined that attendees were defined as Christians, active in their churches, that have an expressed interest in identifying Biblically-based solutions to the modern problems and stresses affecting today’s marriages and households (e.g., personal finances, time prioritization, etc.). The media plan was honed around identifying the most likely outlets this target audience identifies and uses on a daily basis.

The planning phase included the development of all media materials for the tour, including customized new releases and a tailored pitch for each host city, along with promotional images. We also researched and developed customized media lists for each tour stop that included all types of media outlets within a 50-mile radius of the event venue. These lists included both outlets and media contacts that were most likely to provide coverage of the event.

Because of Kirk Cameron’s celebrity status, we focused our targeted pitches around the opportunity to interview him about the Love Worth Fighting For event. Throughout the year, Kirk had a very busy schedule outside of the Love Worth Fighting For events, so we developed a plan with him to schedule and coordinate all media interviews in one time block three weeks prior to each event, thus limiting the total number of interviews we were able to schedule. We then had to define out 8-10 most desirable interviews within these markets and focus on them for his time block. This allowed us to use his time wisely, while getting our highly valued interviews scheduled. It also gave the media outlets plenty of time to publish their story or air their interview prior to the event, therefore helping us drive more attendees to each event.

By the end of the 2013 Love Worth Fighting For tour, our media relations campaign had made a huge impact and resulted in a very successful year for the nonprofit. Below are some of the highlights:

  • 101 pre-event media interviews scheduled
  • Attendance – total attendance increased by 28% from 2012 to 2013 (20,828 more attendees)
  • Merchandise – on-site merchandise sales increased by 47%
  • Feed The Children Sponsorships – child sponsorships secured at Love Worth Fighting For events increased by 32%
  • Love Worth Fighting For Facebook page – total ‘likes’ nearly tripled from 8,691 at the beginning of 2013 to 25,176 at the end of the year