Project Description

Saving Lives and Reducing Healthcare Costs

Colon cancer is one of the deadliest forms of cancer.  In the realm of life-saving tests, colonoscopies have proven their value in the fight to detect the presence of colorectal cancer.  Yet, the unpleasantness and discomfort caused by the test leads too many patients to avoid the procedure.  In fact, only one in five patients who should be screened with a colonoscopy will take part in the testing.

EDP Biotech’s research into cancer biomarkers identified a protein biomarker shown to exist in elevated levels in colorectal cancer patients.  The identification of this biomarker, known as CA11-19, was the key to developing ColoMarker™, a simple pre-screening blood test.  

ColoMarker™ requires no advance preparation by the patient such as fasting or colon cleansing.  ColoMarker™ can be added easily to the panel of tests routinely performed on a patient’s blood as part of an annual physical.  

To announce its significant cancer testing breakthrough, EDP Biotech selected the Medica Trade Fair in Germany which is attended by the world’s leading healthcare and medical professionals.  Leading up to the trade fair, Ackermann PR researched and implemented an aggressive outreach program directed at hundreds of the world’s top medical trade journals.  The objective was to schedule interviews and product briefings with journalists during the trade fair.

Coinciding with the trade fair opening, Ackermann PR distributed a global product announcement press release that was translated into 30+ foreign languages as well as an in-depth press kit to media attending Medica.  During the show, EDP Biotech also announced the addition of two world renowned cancer researchers to its Board of Directors.  

The trade fair introduction created more than awareness for ColoMarker™, forty-five medical distributors from forty different countries participated in product briefings and expressed strong interest in distributing the product.  Product briefings were also conducted with media from several global medical trade journals.  The results of these efforts was the placement of hundreds of articles regarding ColoMarker™  throughout the world.  Domestic coverage included Reuters, UPI, BusinessWeek, U.S. News & World Report, Wall Street Journal and Yahoo Finance.  Global media included The Internal Business Times, Pharma-Zeitung, ClincaSpace, Carducée, and Informazione