Knoxville, Tenn. – Looking for an easier way to find your favorite Disney characters while visiting a Disney Park?  Wouldn’t it be nice to know how long the line and wait is for that ride on the other side of the park? Thanks to a new app from Disney and Verizon Wireless, visitors will be provided valuable information like this to help enhance their experience in Disney Parks.  This new FREE app, called “Mobile Magic,” is now available and is compatible with most Cellular Sales smartphones.

The GPS-powered Mobile Magic app exclusively for Verizon phones

Mobile Magic is the only official Disney Parks app, using GPS technology to identify park visitors’ locations while providing them with important information such as attraction wait times, as well as FASTPASS return times for the park they are currently visiting.  With GPS-enabled maps, park visitors can easily find nearby characters, attractions, dining options, or even the nearest restroom.

Upon arrival to the park, guests may enter their parking location to keep it stored for when they return at the end of the day.  They may also use the app to find information on transportation options, including the monorail and shuttles.

Additional information provided by the Mobile Magic app includes a list of daily park events, weather information for each of the parks, show information and even live, competitive trivia games.

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